Totem Birthstone Pocket Stones

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Let your birthstone animal give you protection, guidance and power.

Mar 21-Apr 19 Falcon - Fire, grace, connection 

Apr 20-May 20 Beaver - Earth, creation, diligence 

May 21-Jun 20 Deer - Air, kindness, sensitivity

Jun 21-Jul 21 Woodpecker - Water, perseverance, empathy

Jul 22-Aug 21 Salmon - Fire, persistence, knowledge

Aug 22-Sep 21 Bear - Earth, strength, stamina

Sep 22-Oct 22 Crow - Air, protector, cunning

Oct 23-Nov 22 Snake - Water, transformation, strong emotions

Nov 23-Dec 21 Owl - Fire, wisdom, magic

Dec 22-Jan 19  Goose - Earth, clarity, faithfulness

Jan 20-Feb 18 Otter - Air, curiosity, free-thinking

Feb 19-Mar 20  Wolf - Water, teaching, passion

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