Smudging Feathers - Nee Chee (Friendship)

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Spirit Feather - "Nee Chee" ~ Friendship.

These beautiful Smudging feathers are bound and decorated with beads and sold as a set of 2, keep one and gift one to a friend.

SPIRIT FEATHER LEGEND: Feathers have a long history of symbolism in Native culture. The creators of this feather guide you to use this Spirit Feather as you travel on this life path.

Smudging is an ancient art and sacred ritual of cleansing and purifying using sacred herbs. The smoke cleanses the energy and then carries the prayers upwards into the spirit skies.

It is important to be clear of mind and heart when preparing to smudge.

These Ceremonial Smudging Feathers are assembled by a family owned North American Indigenous Corporation domiciled in British Columbia, Canada.  Each piece is hand made and individual and unique.

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