Smoky Quartz Polished Points - Small Masters with Special Features

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Smoky Quartz - A healing and grounding stone; neutralizes negativity; brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety; promotes positive thoughts and actions.

Single Terminated - A point at one end. Channels energy from the base to the point, for example, when pointed at the body, channels energy into the body or draws energy off the body when pointed away.

This collection is all high quality Brazilian Quartzes, with very good clarity.

These are beautiful little lightly polished show pieces and also powerful meditation pieces. The Quartz line of crystals is intimately connected to humans at this stage of our evolution. SiO2 (Quartz) is minedasa source of Silicon which is core to technology as it has developed. It is my experience that when one really starts to shift and change and grow and develop their innate intuitive talents, that specialty quartzes often assist one in accomplishing the desired development of inner capabilities.........Tara Sue

Master Formations

Dow - Three 7-sided faces, three 3-sided faces with symmetry. Incorporates both Channelling and Transmitter characteristics; used to express one's deepest inner truth as well as being capable of receiving and projecting programmed information.

Channelling Formation - Front face has 7 sides, back face has 3 sides. Used for channelling all types of spirit guides; helpful in meditation to gain inner clarity; teaches inner wisdom; helps to access truth and bring it forth in verbal expression; aids in channelling one's own light.

Time Link - A parallelogram-shaped window, can face Left or Right. Time Link Left allows one to travel to the past; helps to find meaning in life by referencing specific events in one's own life. Time Link Right allows one to focus one's actions to a desired future state.

Special Features

Fairy Frost - Extensive small wispy interconnected fractures and air pockets. Known to support accessing a meditative state, from which one can connect with forest devas; Encourages awareness of our need to connect with nature and care for Mother Earth.

Key - "Liberator Crystal" . Reveals the key to ones freedom; The Key is a crater indentation that narrows as it penetrates; 3 or 6 sided; reveals ways to free onself from dominion and abuse; in meditation, supports building resistance to hurtful influences and focuses one's energy on self needs; a personal talisman of dignity and self respect.

Phantoms - Ghost-like images of another crystal within that are aligned with the outer crystal (usually chevron-shaped). Allows one to connect with one's inner self for purposes of self-knowledge, integrating the higher self's wisdom.

Rainbows - Contains inclusions or internal cracks that show a rainbow. Contains hidden joy, optimism and understanding; helps to see the beauty in all things; aids in overcoming sorrow, depression, loss, grief or pain.

Tabby/Tabular - Long, flat and wide sides resulting in a flat crystal. Teaches to expand one's horizons and live one's life to the fullest; helps to remove confusion and miscommunications; enhances telepathy if double-terminated; believed to be the feminine manifestation of quartz.

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