Self Worth Connections Kit

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Self Connection - Strength & Self Worth


Restores vitality and motivation; stimulates creativity; gives courage and promotes positive life choices; dispels apathy; helps with self-trust and clarifies perception; calms anger and emotional negativity.


Energizing stone; cleanses chakras; opens intuition; raises self-esteem and self-confidence; activates creativity and encourages self-expression; emotionally balancing.


Cleanses and re-energizes the chakras; revitalizes and balances energy, bringing serenity and passion as appropriate; inspires love and devotion; sharpens perception of oneself and others; encourages self-confidence.

Kambaba Jasper

Calms the mind and promotes feelings of peace; reduces fear; increases self-worth; brings inspiration, wisdom and courage; aids in the ability to get along with others; helps one to see auras and access Akashic records.

Moss Agate

"Stone of new beginnings"; refreshes the soul; improves self-esteem; promotes self-expression and communication; balances emotions; encourages trust and hope.

Red Tiger Eye 

Enhances confidence and self-esteem; stimulates one to overcome lethargy and provides motivation; keeps one connected when working with higher goals.

Rose Quartz

Promotes universal love; purifies and opens the Heart chakra; calms and reassures; dispels negativity; encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance.

Smokey Quartz

A healing and grounding stone; neutralizes negativity; brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety; promotes positive thoughts and actions.


Brings order and calmness to the mind; encourages rational thought, truth and intuition; brings emotional balance; enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust.

Yellow Tiger Eye 

Quartz after Crocidolite (Blue/Grey Asbestos) dissolves. Brings brightness and optimism to difficult situations; helps manifest ideas into reality; gives courage in times of change; boosts creative energy.

Bonus - Sunstone

Clears and energizes the chakras; heightens intuition; helps real-self actualization; alleviates stress; encourages independence and self-empowerment; stimulates self-healing.

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