Security Crystal Kit

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The Earth Rocks Security Crystal Kit

Collection of stones combined to support one in increasing one's awareness and connection to their own personal boundaries.

Apache Tear 

Helps relieve grief and release old hurts, lifting the spirit; promotes forgiveness; protects from negativity; aids in the release from tension and enables one to move forward with one's life.

Black Tourmaline

Repels and protects against negativity; cleanses and transforms dense energy to lighter vibrations; grounds scattered energies; balances, harmonizes and protects all chakras; boosts self-confidence.


A powerful healing stone; heightens intuition and increases creativity; both grounding and protecting; encourages selflessness and idealism; assists in acting in the present moment; calms and revitalizes the mind.

Brecciated Jasper

A grounding stone; assists those who feel overwhelm; enhances organizational abilities; helps develop creativity; encourages empathy and communication; absorbs negative energy; promotes health and healing.


Strong protective stone, repelling and sending negative energy back to sender; assists in achieving certainty without willfulness; clears confusion, helping to make decisions; aids in resolving unsettled emotions.


Grounds and protects; endows courage, strength and vitality; stimulates concentration, focus and memory; balances energy and emotions between body, mind and spirit.


A powerful protection stone, shielding from negative energy on the physical, etheric and emotional levels; stimulates the intellect and enhances memory; helps to see the truth; attracts abundance.

Red Tiger Eye 

Enhances confidence and self-esteem; stimulates one to overcome lethargy and provides motivation; keeps one connected when working with higher goals.

Smokey Quartz

A healing and grounding stone; neutralizes negativity; brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety; promotes positive thoughts and actions.

Yellow Tiger Eye 

Quartz after Crocidolite (Blue/Grey Asbestos) dissolves. Brings brightness and optimism to difficult situations; helps manifest ideas into reality; gives courage in times of change; boosts creative energy.

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