Raw Clear Quartz Master Wand - Lemurian

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This quite magnificent feeling wand is formed in the geometries of a channelling crystal, but has eneded up with one edge almost being 2, and has a strong earth feel to me.  it has lemurian lines, fairy frost, rainbows,, and some devic cleavages.

Clear Quartz - This "master healer" amplifies energy and thought; draws off negativity; balances and revitalizes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes; deep soul cleanser; harmonizes all chakras.

Channelling Crystal - Front face has 7 sides, back face has 3 sides. Used for channelling all types of spirit guides; helpful in meditation to gain inner clarity; teaches inner wisdom; helps to access truth and bring it forth in verbal expression; aids in channelling one's own light.

Grounding Crystal - A crystal with an eight-sided face. Facilitate a sense of belonging and security; aids in being more aware of one’s current reality; helps with being more grounded.

Lemurian - Horizontal striations on one or more sides. Provides a deep sense of balance; brings a sense of oneness; carries the knowledge and wisdom of the spiritually developed and peaceful society of Lemuria.

Rainbow Crystal - Contains inclusions or internal cracks that show a rainbow. Contains hidden joy, optimism and understanding; helps to see the beauty in all things; aids in overcoming sorrow, depression, loss, grief or pain.

Devic - Generator with horizontal internal fracture planes. Can provide a gateway through which "Devas" can assist the physical plane (devas are defined as inner plane beings, can be one resting between incarnations, evolved out of reincarnation or angelic beings).

Fairy Frost - Extensive small wispy interconnected fractures and air pockets. Known to support accessing a meditative state, from which one can connect with forest devas; Encourages awareness of our need to connect with nature and care for Mother Earth.

This purchase is for the exact stone pictured and described.


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