Natural Smoky Citrine - Tumbled

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Smoky Citrine - A dark golden NATURAL combination of Smoky Quartz and Citrine Quartz; anchors the Golden Ray of Citrine deeply into ones body; evokes happiness wiithin daily life; relieves self doubt and negative mood swings; breaks up and dissipates negative, heavy energy.

Smoky Quartz (the "Earth Mother" of the quartz line) and Citrine (The personal empowerment stone of the quartz line), in combination, represent for me the  deep and enduring connection between our current human incarnation and this majestic, nurturing, supporting, abundant planet we are currently incarnated on.......Tara Sue.

Small 9-14gm
Medium 15-20gm
Medium2 21-29gm
Medlarge 30-39gm
Large 40-49gm
X-Large 50-59gm


Picture is of similar product and not guaranteed to be the exact pieces currently in-stock. You will receive 1 intuitively chosen crystal similar in size, shape, and quality to that pictured and described.

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