Natural Citrine Polished Points - Small Masters with Features

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Citrine - "Stone of Abundance". Energizing stone; cleanses chakras; opens intuition; raises self-esteem and self-confidence; activates creativity and encourages self-expression; emotionally balancing.

Single Terminated - A point at one end. Channels energy from the base to the point, for example, when pointed at the body, channels energy into the body or draws energy off the body when pointed away.

Master Quartz Features

Channelling - Front face has 7 sides, back face has 3 sides. Used for channelling all types of spirit guides; helpful in meditation to gain inner clarity; teaches inner wisdom; helps to access truth and bring it forth in verbal expression; aids in channelling one's own light.

Transmitter - Two 7-sided faces separated by a 3-sided face. Connects the conscious mind to Universal wisdom; helps to clarify what we really want and aids in transmitting that to the Universe for manifestation; facilitates communication with spirit.

Window - Has a vertical diamond window face. Assists one to see one's inner self and into one's own soul; reflects what is without ego; represents a bridge between the upper and lower worlds; allows one to see the spiritual meaning of physical reality.


Crater - Has an indentation or crater where another crystal was attached but is now absent. Aids in dealing with loss and separation; eases the pain of grief; focuses Universal energy to help one to grow and carry on with life in the face of sorrow.

Fairy Frost - Extensive small wispy interconnected fractures and air pockets. Known to support accessing a meditative state, from which one can connect with forest devas; Encourages awareness of our need to connect with nature and care for Mother Earth.

Keyholes - Obvious cavity on face, ussually 3 or 6 sided in the side of the crystal created by growth of another connected crystal; aides in opening to new methadologies or ideas;helps see new aspects of oneself; Used to find answers and make life decisions; Accesses information one is otherwise excluded from.

Inclusions - Trace minerals growing within a crystal. The crystal surrounding the minerals amplifies the effects of that mineral creating a crystal "greater than the sum of its parts".

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