Lava Rock Rough Pendants - For Calming Emotions during Transformation

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Lava Rock (Basalt) - Calms the emotions; a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment; stabilizing and grounding; helps achieve emotional balance; provides a deep connection to the Earth.

Lava Rock, a metamorphic stone, is porous and holds essential oils and other scents well.  Combining the qualities of oils to support health with the transformative power of the element of fire may increase the rate of transformation one is undergoing......Tara Sue

This collection of pendants features a variety of well-priced stones. All pendants are already hung on a black cord, tied with adjustable sliders so they are ready to wear.

Purchase is for 1 intuitively chosen item similar in shape and size to the product pictured and described and not guaranteed to be the exact piece displayed in the photos.

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