Grounding Crystal Kit

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Grounding - Earthly Connections

Black Kyanite

Aids in the manifestation of vision and clairvoyance; full of healing energy, especially for repair of chakras and the aura; opens communication between people; strongly grounding; brings calming energy to the mind and body.

Black Tourmaline

Repels and protects against negativity; cleanses and transforms dense energy to lighter vibrations; grounds scattered energies; balances, harmonizes and protects all chakras; boosts self-confidence.


A powerful healing stone; heightens intuition and increases creativity; both grounding and protecting; encourages selflessness and idealism; assists in acting in the present moment; calms and revitalizes the mind.

Brecciated Jasper

A grounding stone; assists those who feel overwhelm; enhances organizational abilities; helps develop creativity; encourages empathy and communication; absorbs negative energy; promotes health and healing.


Grounds and protects; endows courage, strength and vitality; stimulates concentration, focus and memory; balances energy and emotions between body, mind and spirit.

Red Jasper

Stimulates the Root chakra; full of grounding Earth energy; connects one to the vibrations of Earth; can further one's knowledge of the connection between humans and nature; grounds and stabilizes the aura.


An earthing stone; aids in meditation and enhances spiritual exploration; assists in the retrieval of wisdom, helping to regain memory of past lives; clears all chakras; assists the direction of healing energy to problem areas.


Conducts electromagnetic and geothermal energy, protecting from EMF; absorbs negative energy and removes it from a person or an entire space; replaces stress and negative emotions with positive energy; grounds and protects.

Smokey Quartz

A healing and grounding stone; neutralizes negativity; brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety; promotes positive thoughts and actions.


Balances emotions with spirituality; provides grounding when needed; aids in releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth.

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