Green Obsidian (Gaia Stone)

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Green Obsidian (Natural Gaia Stone)  - Increases connection with "the Goddess"; attracts Earth and nature spirits; brings prosperity; heals emotional wounds and traumas; promotes loving relationships; heals tensions bringing harmonious accord to groups.

Chakra - Heart and All Chakras

Small - 50-60gm

MedSmall - 61-70gm

Medium - 71-80gm

MedLarge - 81-90gm

Large - 91-100gm

X-Large - 101-110gm

Twin- 71-80gm

OliveHue - 85-95gm

Comments - This partcular collection is  mostly a vibrant rich, deep green, with two pieces being a more olive green. It is natural formed Gaia stone (a metamorphic, amorphous crystal formation). I find Gaia stone to be a very powerful, powerful carrier of what I call "The Green Ray". It will work deeply with one's emotional body, drawing awareness to the emotions and the underlying patterns that created them.  I personally discern differences in my body on the days I wear Gaia stone. It is a stone a use with respect and appreciation......Tara Sue

Purchase is for 1 piece of Green Obsidian in the size, shape and colour purchased. Your stone will be intutively chosen, cleared and chared with compassion and care.

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