*Enhydro Agates - CONNECTED to the Confluence of the Yoho and Kicking Horse Rivers

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These Enhydro agates and these Amethyst Points have been submersed into the flowing waters at the confuence of the Yoho  and the Kicking Horse River  and energetically connected to Cathedral Mountain  in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada. You can watch the process in these Videos. Introduction, Merging and Invocation.

Enhydro Agates are Agates that formed with bubbles of water trapped inside of them. Many of these agates have large enough bubbles to see, feel and hear the water moving inside.  These stones containing water from 

Agate encourages coherence between physical, mental and emotional bodies; balances yin and yang, universal polarities. Containing water that is pure, predeceasing modern man on this earth, enhydros when used in meditation, connect us to the primordial blueprint, our ancient divine plan, and our own place within all of creation.

This purchase is for 1 single purchase of 1 of the exact pieces pictured and described.

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