Higher Consciousness Crystal Kit

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Consciousness - Higher Awareness


Phosphate crystals that come in a variety of colours including blue, yellow and neon; stimulates the development of psychic gifts and spiritual attunement; balances physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and the chakras.


Connects one to higher planes, bringing new wisdom through the subconscious; increases intuition and connection with guides; excellent aid and protection for astral travel; enhances clairvoyance.


Rare Mineral. name comes from Greek words astron (star) and phyllon (leaf). Allows recognition that there are no limits, we are "stars". Leaps us forward beyond obstacles and blocks.


"Stone of Ascension" assists with ascension by expanding the consciousness; brings higher frequencies down to the Earth to aid spiritual evolution; raises vibrations; can increase one's spiritual growth; illuminates one's path in this lifetime.


Connects one with the angelic realms, brings mental calm and clarity, relieves stress, anxiety, and obsessive behaviors, gives courage, brings harmony and balance, helps one to find inner peace.


Strong vision stone; clears thoughts; opens intuition; helps to express one's true self, free from expectations of others; releases discord with relationships; encourages taking responsibility for oneself.


"Stone of transformation" imparting strength and perseverance; balances and protects the aura; strengthens intuition; stimulates imagination.


Provides clarity of mind, expanding one's awareness of self; opens the Crown and Higher Crown chakras, accesses angelic consciousness and higher guidance; instills deep peace; assists insight; aids in seeing the deeper picture.

Super Seven Quartz

"Stone of Higher Consciousness"; a high vibration crystal that aligns, purifies, balances and energizes all the chakras; heightens the vibration of the user and surrounding crystals; increases psychic abilities; a strong healing and protection stone.

Tibetan Quartz

A powerful, highly protective spiritual crystal, creating a shield around the user, blocking negative energy; facilitates a more centered and grounded state of mind; purifies and balances the chakras; excellent crystal for meditation.

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