Clear Quartz Lemurian Laser Wand with Triggers and Keyholes.

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Clear Quartz - This "master healer" amplifies energy and thought; draws off negativity; balances and revitalizes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes; deep soul cleanser; harmonizes all chakras.

Laser Wand - Long and slender, narrow at termination, wider at the bottom. A powerful "surgical healing tool", used to cut energetic cords (always with permission); represents integration, balancing and lining together of polarities and frequencies.

Lemurian - Horizontal striations on one or more sides. Provides a deep sense of balance; brings a sense of oneness; carries the knowledge and wisdom of the spiritually developed and peaceful society of Lemuria.

Triggers - A smaller crystal growing out of the base of side of another larger crystal. Reminds one that we are both what we were and what we are now; helps to bring forth childlike wonder and joy; dissolves insecurities.

Key Hole - "Liberator Crystal" . Reveals the key to ones freedom; The Key is a crater indentation that narrows as it penetrates; 3 or 6 sided; reveals ways to free onself from dominion and abuse; in meditation, supports building resistance to hurtful influences and focuses one's energy on self needs; a personal talisman of dignity and self respect.

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