Gemstone Bracelets

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Gemstone Bracelets, Various Gemstones in Varioue sizes, all on elastic cords.

Amethyst - Powerful and protective against negativity; natural tranquilizer; activates spiritual awareness and intuition; strong healing and cleansing abilities; encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom. 

Rose Quartz - Promotes universal love; purifies and opens the Heart chakra; calms and reassures; dispels negativity; encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance.

Black Obsidian - Strongly protective stone, forming a shield against negativity; stimulates growth on all levels; brings clarity to the mind; truth-enhancing, particularly one one's true self; promotes strength and compassion; increases self-control.

Que Sera - "Stone of Ultimate Power"; highly energizing; stimulates "Clairaudience", shifts perspective(s); encourages "letting loose"; invokes optimism and awareness of alternatives; encourages surrendering the need to control.

Dragon's Blood Jasper - Aids in increased tolerance and patience; helps with emotional flexibility; enhances Dreamtime Experiences; gives confidence; focuses the body into healing itself; can absorb energy over time and transmit it back into strength when needed.

Blue Goldstone - Deflector of unwanted energies; protective in the spirit realm; enhances transmission of healing energies from the hands, helping in long-distance healing; a stone of ambition.

Mookaite Jasper - A nurturing stone that supports and sustains during times of stress; brings peace and feelings of wholeness; helps with decision-making; encourages versatility and adaptation to change; brings kindness to ourselves and others.

This purchase is for one intutively chosen bracelet matching the size and description.


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