Black Obsidian - Tumbled

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Black Obsidian - Strongly protective stone, forming a shield against negativity; stimulates growth on all levels; brings clarity to the mind; truth-enhancing, particularly one one's true self; promotes strength and compassion; increases self-control.

Chakras - Root

NOTES - Black Obsidian is a metamorphic stone that has an amorphous structure (essentially volcanic glass) and just like glass, it can be penetrating and sharp to bring into your world. It isi a powerful and popular  transformation stone, ideal for cutting ties, cords, and connections no longer serving one's highest purpose.

It is a stone I frequently suggest and at the same time, a stone I respect, it has the potential to trigger a healing crisis if one is not quite strong enough and prepared enough for work with it....Tara Sue

Picture is of similar product and not guaranteed to be the exact pieces currently in-stock. You will receive 1 intuitively chosen crystal similar in size, shape, and quality to that pictured and described.

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