Himalayan Clear Therapy Bulbs - For Lamps

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Clear Therapy bulbs intended for Salt, Selenite and Stone Lamps. 

For the chemical reaction to occur in the Salt Lamps, the lamp must get warm. Choose a bulk with a wattage appropriate to the size of Lamp and chopose a lamp ap[propriate to the size of the room.

7 watt and 15 watt Bulbs are sold individually

15 watt and 25 watt bulbs are sold in packages of 4

40 watt bulbs are sold in packages of 2

7watt - Night lights, Very small lamps, Possibly Selenite lamps (the heat is not required)

15watt - Small-Medium Salt Lamps (5-10lbs/3-4kg) - For small rooms(10*10 feet / 3*3 metres)

15 or 25 watt - Medium Salt Lamps (11-12lbs/5-6kg) - For medium rooms.  (13*13feet / 4*4 metres)

25 or 40watt - Medium Large Salt Lamps (15-25lbs/10kg) - For large rooms (22*22Feet/7*7 Metres)

40 watt - Large Salt Lamps (over 20 lbs) - For Large rooms and commercial space


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