Smoky Quartz Polished Point - Dow and Time Links

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Smoky Quartz - A healing and grounding stone; neutralizes negativity; brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety; promotes positive thoughts and actions.

This speacial little piece is a Dow and has a Timelink Rght off of one face and a ime Link Left off of a different face. It is a small piece with a big presences....TaraSue

Dow - Three 7-sided faces, three 3-sided faces with symmetry. Incorporates both Channelling and Transmitter characteristics; used to express one's deepest inner truth as well as being capable of receiving and projecting programmed information.

Time Link - A parallelogram-shaped window, can face Left or Right. Time Link Left allows one to travel to the past; helps to find meaning in life by referencing specific events in one's own life. Time Link Right allows one to focus one's actions to a desired future state.

Purchase is for the exact piece pictured and described

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