Candle Quartz Raw Record Keeper Sceptors - For illuminating ones deepest shadows

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Candle Quartz - A specialized personal meditation stone, shines light into one's darkest shadows, illuminates our deepest and darkest patterns, allows one to focus and activate one's internal power to identify, understand, accept and "reprogram" oneself. 

Sceptor - A phallic-shaped point cap over a previously formed crystal. Focuses one's power and energy into a single task or goal; amplifies Source energy in efforts demanding extreme focus; powerful crystals for focused healing of a specific issue or injury.

Record Keeper - Clearly etched triangle(s) pointing upwards on the face. Allows access to one's own personal wisdom; provides understanding of basic Universal truths; transmits knowledge of the Ancients; requires a receptive, non-judgemental mind.

This particulular collection of Candle Quartz, Record Keeper Sceptor wands combine 3 unique and powerful traits into one stone piece. These are powerful stones that are best used by one who already has a powerful toolbox of tools to draw on. Being able to ground and be present arekey components to being ready to wrk with these stones......Tara Sue

Purchase is for one intuitivel chosen stone in the size you purchase.

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