Sound Infused Deep Violet Amethyst Clusters on a Blue Chalcedony Matrix

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Amethyst - Powerful and protective against negativity; natural tranquilizer; activates spiritual awareness and intuition; strong healing and cleansing abilities; encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom.

Blue Chalcedony - A creative stone, imparts mental flexibility and verbal dexterity; stimulates the ability to learn new languages; improves memory; gives feelings of light-heartedness and optimism; improves self-perception.

Chakras - Throat, Third Eye and Crown

This is a collection of Raw Amethyst Clusters that have all been infused with the first 9 frequencies in the fibbonacci spiral of the frequency known as OM. 

The Pieces in this collection feature the deep rich dark violet hue commonly seen in the Amethyst from Uruguay.

This purchase is for 1 of the pieces pictured and described in the pictures in the variation you have chosen. We intuitively choose the optimal piece meant for you, clear it, charge it and wrap it with compassion and care. Specific requests can be made at checkout and will be honored on a best efforts basis.

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