Nuummite - Tumbled

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Nuummite - Draws energy from the Earth's fiery core; aids in self-mastery; aids one's courage and determination to be healed and whole; excellent for shamanic journeying; a powerful shield; enhances clairvoyance; assists in attuning to the Earth's energy.

Chakras - Root and Crown

Nuumite is one of the oldest Rocks - Estimated to be 3 billion years old, named after the Nuuk region of Greenland where it was first found.

Nuummite consists of Amphibole minerals gedrite/gertie (lithium bearing amphibole) and anthophyllite (magnesium iron silicate). 

Picture is of similar product and not guaranteed to be the exact pieces currently in-stock. You will receive 1 intuitively chosen crystal similar in size, shape, and quality to that pictured and described.

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