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After almost 2 decades working as a Stockbroker, Investment Advisor, Financial planner, and International Wealth Manager and mother of three,Tara Sue is uniquely qualified to intimately understand the stresses of balancing the insanely busy lives many of us lead. She knows what it is like to feel a need to be “focused and on” 24 by 7, 365 days per year. Recognizing that while traditional meditation and other calming and healing practices work incredibly well, too many of us simply cannot or will not slow down enough to really benefit from these modalities. Tara Sue’s personal quest for health and wellbeing within the daily stresses of managing a demanding career and family life has blossomed into a passion for helping others.

In addition to her financial degree and designations, Tara Sue holds certificates in Adult Education, Change Management and Project Management. With a focus on tranformational change potential human beings, she is a Certified Heartmath Resiliency Trainer, an Awakening the Illuminated Heart Facilitator, A Usui Reiki Master and Karuna level 2 practitioner, an Acutonics and Bodytalk practitioner, a Drum Circle facilitator, and a Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval practitioner.

Tara Sue's personal passion is the study of ancient indigenous traditions, she is an Andean Mesa Carrier, has studied  North American indigenous, Celtic and Mauri/Waitaha (New Zealand) beliefs and traditions, She is trained in some shamanic healing practices including traditional soul retrieval work.

Tara Sue believes it is a human birthright to be whole, complete, joyful, and satisfied. The unique key for each and every one of us is available and accessible, one just needs to be brave enough to choose to find it and use it to open up to the infinite possibilities life offers. She is an expert at compassionately designing and implementing the precise program to open the door for each client to take their next step.