Large Sound Infused Crystal Sphere - With Rainbows

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Clear Quartz - This "master healer" amplifies energy and thought; draws off negativity; balances and revitalizes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes; deep soul cleanser; harmonizes all chakras.

Spheres - Radiates energy in all directions at the same time; moves energy through time; helps unlock the "unlimited possibility" of a situation; connects to the Oneness of the Universe.

Rainbows - Contains inclusions or internal cracks that show a rainbow. Contains hidden joy, optimism and understanding; helps to see the beauty in all things; aids in overcoming sorrow, depression, loss, grief or pain.

This Crystal Ball has spent time in the Crystal Cavern being charged with the Frequencies of the Earth's Om and the Divine Feminine qualities connected with the asteroid called Cheriklo.

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