Rose Quartz Hexagons -For the energy of Love, Harmony and Balance

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The 6 Sided polygon, a hexagon is reknown thorugh history for representing Harmony and Balance. The sum of the internal angles formed around the edge will always total 720 degrees (9 in numerology), and the way these are carved have a number of 3 sided triangles around the edges.

Promotes universal love; purifies and opens the Heart chakra; calms and reassures; dispels negativity; encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance.

I use these in pairs (for bringing myself energetically into harmony and balance, and I often use a single on as my gocus stone when gridding.....Tara Sue

Mini - 2-3gm

Small - 4-6gm

Med - 7-9gm

Purchase is for 1 intuitively chosen piece from those pictures. Requests can be made at check out and will be honoured on a best efforts basis.

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