Malachite/Azurite - Majestic Sculptures - For Divine Transformation

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Azurite - "Stone of Heaven" aids in the pursuit of the heavenly self; awakens psychic abilities; helps to recognize intuition and spiritual guidance; aids in relieving worries, phobias and negative thoughts; fosters compassion for oneself and others.

Malachite - A "stone of transformation", abundance, manifestation and intention; absorbs energy (needing clearing often); draws emotions to the surface; encourages emotional risk taking; Illuinates spiritual blocks; useful for deep energy cleansing; amplifies both positive and negative energies; a powerful healing stone.

Chakras - Heart and Third Eye

These are impressive speciment, raw sculptures resembling mountains, a stunning collection of natural sculptures...Tara Sue

Azurite and Malachite are both minerals containing the mineral Copper and they feature a very identifiable botryoidal like pattern in the recognizeable vivid green and azure blue. They are powerful stones that will trigger change. 

Please handle with caution as these are raw pieces and copper is not safe to ingest.

Purchase is for the Specific Ppiece pictured and described.

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