Canadian Auralite - Raw - Infused with Om

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Auralite23 - "Universal Oneness" ; brings a deep sense of inner peace; opens channels to higher consciousness; attracts what is needed to heal; catalyses change; deeply relaxes; improves sleep; Opens minds; expands perception; Cools tempers.

All of the Auralite pieces in this collection have spent time have spent time in the Canadian Rockies Mountains and have spent time i The Crystal Cavern, being infused with the vibration of the Earth's Om.....Tara Sue

Small - 11-20gm

Medium - 21-30gm

MedLarge - 31-40gm

Large - 41-50gm

Picture is of similar product and not guaranteed to be the exact pieces currently in-stock. You will receive 1 intuitively chosen crystal similar in size, shape, and quality to that pictured and described.

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