SpiritTec Sound Systems

Running from the Crystal Cavern in Cochrane, Alberta is the SpiritTec Sound system.

At Spirit of Oneness inc, we believe that all aspects of creation interact with all other aspects. From the tiniest parts of each atome inside of us, to the elements of the earth we live on to the celestial bodies surrounding our earthly home, the entire system is inseperable.

The need to harmonize and integrate our humanly selves, both within ourselves and within our surroundings is key to humanity comtinuing to flourish on this planet.

Once one is capable of creatign and sustaining a coherant connection within all of oneself (simply put, body-mind-soul connection........but coherence is deeper then this, coherence is when one's body, mind and heart all communicate)  AND then coherently connected to this planet earth in this timeline (present  & grounded) and "the divine" (God, Central Sun, Great Spirit, The Universe etc)...one will consciously co-create a vibrant, flourishing, healthy, live field of energetic cohesion and connection.

As within, so without, we unlock our innate human potential, often referred to as being "In Sync" or In Flow". 

The specific sound files currently in use include the following sets of frequencies.

1) - The basics - Based on this Earth's Om frequency played in conjunction with many natural nature sounds including waterfalls and oceans and streams.

2) The Chariklo Fibbonacci Sound files offer deep connection to the qualities of the deeply receptive feminine energies. Patience, Empathic nurturing.

3) The Water Phi Fibbonacci sound files create a deep connection to one's emotional body. 

4) The Om Fibbonacci sound files are based on the Earth's solar cycle and offer a deep connection to this time and place on this planet we are all currently residing on.

Many of our crystals spend time being charged with varying combinations of these frequencies and individual human frequency healing sessions will be avilable for booking soon.




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